Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Newsflash: New Suspension Training Equipment

***News Flash-Fit For All Now has...***
 Suspension Training Equipment

In my ongoing quest to provide my clients with the latest and best innovations in exercise technology, I am excited to be adding Suspension Training to my exercise programs come November 2011. 

What is Suspension Training?

In actuality, suspension training has been around for a long time in one form or another.   Think of the rings in Gymnastics as a form of Suspension Training.  The roots have even been traced to exercise manuals dating back to the year 1866.  However, this form of training did not make its way into the mainstream exercise world until just a couple of years ago.  A Navy Seal developed a mechanism utilizing a pair of straps that could be suspended from a strong tree branch or vertical pole.  The Leverage Principle is then utilized to use your own body weight to perform a multitude of exercises to improve strength, mobility, balance, endurance and flexibility. 

The refined version of the system was eventually marketed as the TRX Suspension Training System.  Other versions of this system have since followed.

The real value of this system is that is will give us another tool in our arsenal of training apparatus that excel in providing workouts which facilitate Functional Strength, Constant Core Activation and Balance Training.  

By Functional Strength, I mean exercises that require the human body to act as an entire unit, not just isolating out one specific muscle group (a very powerful concept).  When I talk about Constant Core Activation, I am referring to 360 degrees of trunk involvement (not just simple rectus abdominis crunches).

This allows us to work the body in a way that mimics natural everyday motions we are required to perform (i.e. getting groceries out of the back seat of the car; lift a squirming child); thus making us less susceptible to those nagging little injuries.   The equal value to having a strong core and a central nervous system (which are trained to connect) is that we will become even more proficient when performing the other exercises in our program and  “Keep the Results Coming!”

As we go forward with this new system the possibilities will be endless:  from body sculpting to injury rehab/from sports specific training to weight loss/from cardio conditioning to flexibility.

I have purchased the latest incarnation of this system, so it will be available to all clients regardless of location.

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